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Product Overview

Double Diamond™ B2B e-commerce solution includes several modules that are working seamlessly together to produce fully functional B2B e-commerce and inventory management internet system.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering Module allows customers to search and browse products catalog, access real-time inventory data and place orders. Administrator can set the system to allow each customer access to all or only a subset of products. Double Diamond™ supports individualized contract pricing. Customers may be allowed access to order history, capability to check order status and re-order any previously placed order with or without changes. Customers may be allowed to update their corporate and/or billing information.

Administrator can assign different privileges to customers, thereby defining what exactly each customer is allowed to do.

Backend Office

A comprehensive web-based administrative interface is one of the most important parts of a B2B e-commerce solution. Double Diamond™ offers intuitive easy-to-use approach to perform inventory, customer, and order management, data exchange between applications and view reports. Administrative functions can be spread between an unlimited number of administrators, each with distinct login, password and privileges.

Inventory Management
With the Inventory Management Tool, qualified administrator can perform the following functions:

  • add new products
  • review products available in the database
  • update existing products, modify quantity and pricing
  • add/delete/update product options (for example, color, size, etc.)
  • upload image(s) or other file(s) (for example, PDF) associated with the product
  • replace or delete image(s) or other file(s) associated with the product
  • assign product to a group that is available only to certain customers
  • make product available/unavailable for display
  • delete product

Customer Management
Customer Management Tool allows administrator to perform the following functions:

  • add new customer
  • review customer applications submitted online, approve or delete application
  • review list of existing customers, customer information, purchase history, other details
  • update customer information, set or change customer privileges
  • set individualized pricing and product access for any customer
  • delete customer

Order Management
Order Management Tool includes the following functions:

  • review orders
  • search submitted orders by any parameters (for example date range, customer login, location)
  • review details of each order, customer information
  • review and update order shipping status
  • cancel order

Data Exchange
Data exchange between Double Diamond™ B2B e-commerce system and your internal application(s) can be performed automatically at pre-scheduled time and/or initiated by administrator on demand. Data exchange can be performed using ASCII text or XML files. Most often data exchange is used to:

  • import customer information
  • import products and pricing information
  • export orders

We will work with you to define what kind of data exchange and in what format will work best for your situation.

Report Tool, included as a part of the Double Diamond™ B2B e-commerce solution, allows you to create various reports involving order statistics, customers or product inventory. We will work with you to create customized reports tailored to your needs.


Vendor Relations / Procurement

Double Diamond™ procurement module allows you to communicate with your vendors, post RFQ and receive bids. Procurement module includes the following functionality:

  • vendor registration
  • review, approve or delete vendor registrations submitted online
  • review vendors list, specific vendor information, bid history
  • post RFQ
  • review list of current and past RFQs, extend RFQ deadline, remove RFQ
  • review bids submitted for each RFQ, accept bid, send e-mail to vendor
  • update vendor information
  • delete vendor

The above information is only a very brief overview of the program functionality. To receive a detailed description of the program features, please fill out information request form

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Main Functionality
  • Online ordering
  • Backend office
    • Inventory management
    • Customer management
    • Order managemen
    • Data exchange
    • Reports
  • Vendor relations / procurement

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